10 nets – 5 nets of Ash, 5 Nets of Birch


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10 Nets of Kiln dried hardwood logs, 5 nets of Ash(Purple), 5 nets of birch (Orange)
All below 20% moisture, cut to 25cm in length

Birch and Ash logs are a harmonious pair for your stove:

Birch logs are quick to ignite and produce a bright, lively flame, rapidly warming up your room. Their distinctive white bark adds a touch of natural beauty to your stove.

Ash logs, on the other hand, provide a steady, even burn, delivering consistent and lasting heat to keep your space comfortably warm. They also leave behind minimal ash residue, reducing the need for frequent stove cleaning.

When you combine Birch and Ash logs in your stove, you get the best of both worlds—fast warmth and sustained comfort. Plus, the contrast of Birch’s quick, vibrant flames with Ash’s enduring heat creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.