Our Firewood

Hardwood logs – Ash/Oak and Birch

We supply a mix of hardwood logs.  You get 50% birch which lights easily and burns hot.  The other 50% is Oak, these have a longer slower burn than the birch.  They compliment each other very well.  Birch to get the fire going and stove up to temperature followed by the oak for a longer burn.

We supply only the best firewood for your stove.  Hardwood Firewood is widely considered one of the best firewoods available.  It burns hot, cleanly and lasts a long time and of course being dry it allows your stove to work at maximum efficiency which means you get more heat from less logs.


Please note that there is a big difference between a ton of logs, ton bag, dumpy bag, cubic metre.  See below


  • Ton of logs – firewood should not be bought by weight as the drier the log the less it weighs.
  • Ton bag – unless you have a very large dumpy bag you will not get a ton of logs in it.  A ton of sand is much denser than a ton of firewood.  A standard dumpy bag of sand is approx. 500 litres in volume
  • Dumpy bag – As above the majority of dumpy bags are 80cmx80cmx80cm = 512litres.  1/2 a cubic metre
  • Cubic Metre 1m3 – Very few firewood suppliers sell a true cubic metre of logs.  They may refer to a dumpy bag as a cubic metre.  This is very misleading and goes against the trade description act.

Our firewood is supplied in stacked nets.  Stacked logs are far for efficient at storing as there is less wasted space between the logs.