10 Nets – 5 Oak, 5 Birch


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10 x 40l nets, half birch, half oak.  Kiln dried ready to burn certified

Birch and Oak logs make for a delightful combination in your stove:

Birch logs ignite easily, producing a bright, lively flame that quickly warms up your space. Their distinct white bark adds a touch of natural charm to your stove, enhancing its visual appeal.

Oak logs provide a long-lasting and robust burn, ensuring a steady and enduring source of heat. They emit a rich, pleasant aroma as they burn, contributing to a cozy ambiance in your living area.

When you pair Birch and Oak logs in your stove, you create a perfect blend of qualities—quick, vibrant warmth from Birch and sustained, comforting heat from Oak. Together, they enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your home, making your stove a focal point of warmth and beauty.



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